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The Amazing Life of Jesus Now Available

By Xlibris
CP Contributor
Thu, Mar. 25 2010 09:01 AM EDT
Engaging Book Highlights the Life and Times of Christianity’s Messiah

East Northport, NY – Xlibris, the world’s leading print-on-demand self-publishing services provider, announced that today The Amazing Life of Jesus, the engaging book about Christianity’s Messiah authored by Maria Athanasiou, is now available through online bookstores.

Laced with lively illustrations, biblical references, and words, The Amazing Life of Jesus focuses on the three years of Jesus’ ministry, the miracles He made, and His life story. It explains to readers, in detail, how Jesus’ coming was predicted and how He impacted people who knew Him. It also examines the essence behind Christ’s teachings such as loving the enemy, having strong faith during the darkest hours, respecting holy places, and more. Furthermore, this book emphasizes how relevant and essential the Messiah’s teachings remain to this day.

Readers will also find compelling artworks reflecting events and people from the Bible, from the Nativity to the wedding at Cana, Christ’s exploits with the twelve disciples, and so much more. It also highlights several religious lessons about entering the Kingdom of Heaven and achieving spiritual purity. With its compelling narrative and presentation, this release promises to make it easy for readers, especially children, to understand and learn the Word of God deeply. This collection of the Holy Scriptures, accompanied with vivid iconographic watercolor illustrations, tells the story of Jesus and shows that the Prophesy of the Old Testament is fulfilled.



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