Maria Athanasiou, was born in Greece and graduated from Veloudakis Institute in Athens, where she received a Certificate of Design. She worked in the fashion industry in New York City, where she designed and made patterns for dressed and jackets.

Maria is also an artist, iconographer of Byzantine icons, and author and illustrator of  Christian picture books. She devotes her time to creating icons, and writing and illustrating Christian picture books for children and adults to help nourish the mind. She was blessed with three beautiful children, one daughter and son in law, two sons, and two daughters in law, and ten amazing grandchildren. 

Maria,  who lives in East Northport NY  for 38 years,  belongs to Saint Paraskevi Shrine Church in Greenlawn, NY,  where she is both a chanter and a member of their church choir.      

Maria's childrens books include:   

Rejoice (2009 – Revised 2015)
The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ (2010)
The Virgin Mary Mother of God (2010)
Christ Is Risen (2012)
The Holy Apostles (2017)