Byzantine icons are those that follow the Ancient Tradition 
Osios  Alypios the Iconographer

Once a pious Christian commissioned Osio Alypio, the iconographer, to paint the holy icon of the Kimisis of the Theotokos! He had promised to bring the icon to the Panagia for her feast day on August 15. He asked Osio Alypio to have the icon ready for that day. In a few days Alypios fell sick and it looked that he was approaching the end of his life. The Christian man was waiting for the icon and was very much worried, because he had promised to the Theotokos this icon for her feast. Alypios then said to him. “Do not worry my child, but trust in the Lord. Know that the Lord, with one word, can paint the icon of His Mother.”

The Christian man left for his home being very worried even though the Pater Alypios reassured him that the icon will somehow be ready. Late, the night before the feast, behold! A bright shining man in white appeared at the door, entered the cell of the old man, quietly went near the painting of the Theotokos, and started to paint the unfinished icon. The old man from his bed, was looking at him carefully. First he applied the gold background on the icon. Then he started to work on the colors, with amazing speed. In three hours he finished the icon. Then he turned to the old man, who was lying down in his bed, and asked him. “Pater, what do you think? Is anything missing? Did I do anything wrong?”

Pater Alypios answered, “You did the icon beautiful, oh! angel of the Lord.” After this the God sent iconographer took the icon in his hands and disappeared. Meanwhile that Christian man did not sleep all night from his great sorrow. The feast was going to be without an icon. But when in the morning he went to Church he was greatly surprised to see the icon there and shining so amazingly beautiful. Then he remembered the words of Pater Alypios to trust in the Lord. And he fell on his knees to venerate the icon. This was a great miracle. After the holiday that devout Christian together with the Abott of the Monastery of Spilaion went to Alypio and asked him who painted the icon? Then Pater Alypios told them all that happened. He said, “An Angel of God painted the icon, and he also took it to the Church. And behold look! The same angel is standing now here, next to me, waiting word from the Lord to take my soul. Do you see him? Glory be to God!” And with these words he gave his soul to the Lord. It was Aug.17.